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 0183 507020 |   info@wics.nl | Helpdesk

Every logistics service provider is able to fulfil the needs of its clients with the WICS WMS.

Third Party Logistics

As a logistics service provider you provide services to multiple clients. Process optimization is key, while your clients want insights in their processes. With the WICS Warehouse Management System, multiple processes can be configured next to each other for each client.

And all with their own specific characteristics, such as LIFO, FIFO, lot number and serial number registration and invoice rates.

Besides the standard WMS modules our WMS contains smart logistics solutions, such as:

  • Multiple order picking techniques
  • Configurable packing table
  • Online web portal for client insights in stock, orders, shipments and inbounds.
  • Report builder
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Tool
  • Customs administration
  • Special solutions for dangerous substances (ADR products)
  • Value Added Logistics (VAL) & Value Added Services (VAS)
  • Plug-in opportunities for external shipping module
  • Online return process (RMA)
  • Module with algorithm to allocate the best possible stock location
  • Interfaces to clients, using API, XML, CSV etc.
  • Any conceivable report with the dynamic reporting module
  • Plug-in opportunities for standard webshop software, including:



Connections (plugins) to all type of webshop software, such as:

Magento1-Magento2-WMSLightspeed-WMS WooCommerce-WMS Shopify-WMS MyOnlineStore


These third party logistics (3PL) service providers already chose for WICS:

  • Verhoek Europe
  • Sanders|Fritom
  • Freightways
  • E. van Wjik
  • Mondial Logistics
  • Eijgenhuijsen Precision Traffic
  • Blue Case Logistics
  • Widem Logistics
  • Fuji Logistics
  • Oldenburger Fritom
  • Visser Duiven
  • LEF
  • Van den Haak
  • Oegema Transport
  • Van de Scheur Logistiek
  • TGN | Fritom
  • Hoekstra Transport
  • Veenstra | Fritom
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