0183 507020 |   info@wics.nl | Helpdesk
 0183 507020 |   info@wics.nl | Helpdesk

An optimal support for your flow of goods is the main focus for WICS.

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    Efficient stock management and short delivery times are crucial. Also optimal information and transparency regarding the status of the process in real-time is essential. 

    The Retail industrie have changed enormously the last few years. Everybody shops online these days. The E-commerce is booming in The Netherlands.

    Some say: we have gone from bricks to clicks. From buying in stores (bricks) to the digital sources (clicks). But there is a combination possible of bricks ánd clicks.

    With the WICS Multichannel software stores can be fully integrated into the distribution strategy. Together with our customers WICS has created a clever solution that gives stores a simple way to prepare and send shipments for online orders.

These retailers already use the services of WICS:

  • Bar-le-Duc
  • A Little Lovely Company
  • Deleukstetaartenshop
  • Temashop
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