0183 507020 |   info@wics.nl | Helpdesk
 0183 507020 |   info@wics.nl | Helpdesk

For years, WICS Logistics has been offering innovative automation software in deep-freeze warehouses and cold stores.

Deep Freeze House

    The WICS Warehouse Management System optimizes your logistic processes. Pallets are stored as optimally as possible to conserve energy.

    Processes are controlled via RF terminals, voice terminals and/or paper receipts. Also registration of the changing weight of products due to the deep-freezing process is a standard functionality of the WMS.

    The WMS is used by multiple deep-freeze warehouses and cold stores, where tracing goods and working with different stock units (pallets, boxes, kg) is very important. The registration of the changing weight of the products by for example the freezing process, the freezing time for every type of product (clock function) is a standard function of the WMS. These functions are used by a lot of our clients.

    Besides the WMS, WICS is also offering an automated pallet system, the iCube. This is a automatic warehouse, that is known for having the same flexibility as a traditional manual warehouse. Intelligent satellites (carriers) that automatically store products, sort them and put them out. This system has proven itself in deep-freeze warehouses and cold stores and could be interesting for you.

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