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For the Commerce and Production industry, proper warehouse software is essential!

Commerce and production



Mechanization / automation

Manufacturing processes can be very complex. At the same time, you want to respond to client requests quickly and reduce costs. Mechanization in combination with automation can contribute to the streamlining of your manufacturing process.

Ultimately, the manufactured product goes to goods received or goes straight through to the order picking process. Also, the (wholesale) trader demands more speed, accuracy and transparency in its logistic processes.

It is possible to work with composite / compounded items as well. For these items there are multiple options. These goods can be produced for the stock or they can be compounded while picking the order.

The WICS Warehouse Management System offers control in various manufacturing processes, in which Track & Trace and the recall possibilities are never out of sight. The tracking and tracing through the whole warehouse is guaranteed, since WICS works with lot number, serial number and all other kind of goods recognition.

These commerce and production companies already use the WICS WMS:

  • Leerdammer Kaas (Bel Groep)
  • Plinten en Profielen Centrale
  • Maars Living Walls
  • Drukwerkdeal
  • Toorank Distilleries
  • CustomConcepts
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