0183 507020 |   info@wics.nl | Helpdesk
 0183 507020 |   info@wics.nl | Helpdesk

WICS Logistics is a company that operates in a socially responsible manner, and we do our best in finding the optimal balance between the interests of the company, its employees and the environment.

At WICS we truly believe that when companies operate in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible manner, and they do so transparently, it helps them succeed.

Some of the principles that guide us are:

Sustainable profit: Products with a positive impact

Warehouse Management Systeem

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) from WICS helps customers get the most out of the available automation and achieve maximum efficiency in the logistics processes and flow of goods. In most cases this leads to savings.

Our WMS also support smart packaging systems for outgoing orders, leading to further savings in packaging materials. By also substituting the logistic paper flow with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) connections, our customers can receive and view all necessary forms and messages automatically straight on their computers, leading huge reductions of paper usage.

iCube: Automatic Pallet System for maximum space usage

Thanks to the iCube our customers are able to make substantial energy savings. This advantage is even greater with partners using cooling and freezing warehouses. For these companies, the compact storage of the goods gets immediate value because cooling each cubic meter of air costs money. The use of an automatic iCube system also means that forklifts no longer have to drive in and out of the refrigeration area, bringing the refrigeration efficiency up. In addition, compact storage also allows for a smaller footprint of the warehouse, with all the corresponding savings. The fact that the iCube is designed from the ground up to be modular, providing flexibility for the future: you're investing in the storage capacity you need right now, but while still having flexibility for future expansions.

Responsible use of energy

The policies of WICS Logistics are designed to restrict the use of energy as much as possible.

We have already opted for measures such as:

  • installing a high efficiency+ heating system for the office building;
  • optimal insulation of the office building;
  • minimizing printing;
  • placement of solar panels on the roof;


Limiting fuel usage and CO2 emissions

In order to reduce the use of fossil fuels in day to day activity, we have taken the following measures:

  • WICS offers employees the technical possibilities to work at home (the new Work);
  • only energy efficient cars can be purchased;
  • virtual meetings, videoconference and Skype, replace as much as possible the physical arrangements: this reduces the need for air travel significantly;
  • the board runs 100% electric: that is cleaner and more economical than petrol or diesel and being early adopters also contributes developments in the electric vehicle industry.




The cooperation with the users of the software must be based on mutual trust and respect. WICS supports collaboration with transparency, including the use of the online portal notifications and answering questions from users.

Human Resources

WICS has a very strong team of enthusiastic employees and has a very high retention rate for its employees. This has mainly to do with the internal corporate culture that aims to support employees both in the workplace and in the home environment. WICS is highly committed to the welfare of the employees in the workplace and beyond.

Sponsorships and donations

WICS only sponsors sports and events that follow and promote sustainable principles. So don’t be surprised to see us at sailing events, cheering our team on.

Donations to charities are made only to sustainable projects that can also guaranteed that at least 75% of the donation goes into the actual objectives.


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