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Frigologix and WICS, a real partnership!

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Frigologix has been an enthusiastic and involved user of the iCube and is now actively participating in the development of the next generation iCube.


During the past few years the partnership between Frigologix and WICS has only gotten stronger, because of close collaboration and matching company strategies and mentalities

During the following months, the new 3d-Carrier, will be extensively tested in a freezing cell made available by Frigologix. In doing so, Frigologix and WICS are looking to see how exactly this solution can be applied to the existing storage cells, but also to offer up a simple and efficient automation solution for the new storage cells that are to be build, while maintaining the high level of flexibility and scalability.




Frigologix is a logistics service provider in the field of fresh and frozen products.

At Frigologiqs, innovation is not limited to the field of logistics, but it works itself although the company and is also noticeable in the field of human resource, safety, quality and energy.

The solutions range from highly sophisticated applications in the field of energy policy, such as an advanced system for the control of the refrigeration system, 4.200 solar panels and a energy-aware staff.

So simple but highly effective safety signals such as: blue spots on trucks and red lights at the doors that work with sensors (see photo).

Frigologix is also working on obtaining a permit to place its own windmill.



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