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How WICS and Indicium manage the complex logistics process of Oegema Transport

How WICS and Indicium manage the complex logistics process of Oegema Transport

Oegema Transport, an international transport company from Dedemsvaart (The Netherlands), chose in 2018 for WICS and Indicium as new suppliers. Oegema is one of the many customers where WICS delivers the Warehouse Management System and where Indicium takes care of the hardware. Thijs van Bergeijk (Process Coordinator) and Mike Schluter (Teamleader ICT) share their experience about the partnership.

“Focus on transport, expansion to warehousing”

Fred van den Boogaard is Business Consultant at WICS and took care of the WMS implementation for Oegema Transport. About how the company from Dedemsvaart ended up at WICS, Fred says: "Oegema is a large transporter and decided to focus more on warehousing. This decision was made because their transport customers came up with warehouse demands for Oegema." From Indicium System Engineer Dennis Wols is responsible for hardware, such as the scanners. Indicium and WICS made an innovative solution for the scanners, which was launched at Oegema. The transporter from Dedemsvaart was the first customer where "the WICS scan application was put in a modern look and feel".

Logistics experience

A large benefit of WICS, as Thijs van Bergeijk explains, is the experience WICS has: "WICS has thought along with us and advised us based on their logistics expertise from other customers. They explained us how the WMS processes were managed at other companies. Fred van den boogaard continues: "Problems that Oegema faces for the first time, are mostly seen by us in other cases. In another context, but we know the challenges and we want to help with them."

Choice for WICS & Indicium

Finally, Thijs van Bergeijk explains their choice for the software and hardware supplier. "We have a quite complex and variable process and within WICS and Indicium we can manage this all together."

We thank Oegema Transport for their enthousiastic coolaboration for the video. Want to know more about WICS? Click here to contact us.




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