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Fuji Logistics & WICS: a year later (case study)

Fuji Logistics & WICS: a year later

Fuji Logistics has a worldwide network of agents and 43 own offices, what makes the company a trustable logistic partner. The originally Japanese company has a logistics centre of more than 7.000 square meters and is situated between Schiphol airport and Rotterdam harbour. A year ago, the company became a client of WICS and the General Manager of Fuji Logistics speaks about the whole path in this case study.

What are Fuji Logistics' activities?

Fuji Logistics offers storage & stock control, VAL and VAS activities and takes care of the possible customs formalities. The company in Sassenheim, with 17 FTE, is also able to fulfill the fiscal representation. The logistical movements take place on the road, by sea as well as through the air.

Fourth implementation

The General Manager is an experienced WICS user and has implemented WICS multiple times at different companies: "This is my fourth WICS implementation, I will explain one of them. In 1999 I worked as a CEO of a logistics service provider. We worked for the world's second biggest computer chips. We talked to all of the big software suppliers for the purchase of a WMS. We spend our time in beautiful meeting rooms with big flat screens on the wall, what in that time was quite impressive. Everything was overwhelming, but so the price of the WMS.

He continuous: "I realized: A little while ago, I met this sympathetic fellow the CEO of WICS and he told me a very sensible story about a WMS. I thought: that is a smaller player on the market, let me talk with them. We invited WICS and even before the Millennium bug, we implemented the WICS WMS successfully. Despite the 'large players' we chose for WICS. The customs module did not fully fulfil our needs yet. Together with WICS, we thought along and discussed with the customs office. Fred van den Boogaard was WICS' consultant and we were his first client, which he told us later. We did not notice it at all and we did the project in no time. Fred van den Boogaard, still working as consultant for WICS, still remembers it like it was yesterday: "It was very stunning, since this was my first implementation and because of the Millennium Bug the deadline was clear. On logistical level it was not very complicated, but the customs permit made it a hard implementation. I did not have experience in that field. Luckily, the client did and the support of the account manager at the customs took care of it."

WMS Project Fuji Logistics

After a long process Fuji Logistics signed the agreement for the WICS WMS. The General Manager: "In the process for the new WMS, I stayed in the background mostly to let the people decide: What do you think? I took several offers, a total of 5. I knew the strengths of WICS, but the people made the final decision. In terms of functionalities, WICS was the best WMS and after two reference visits, a few demonstrations of the software, we chose WICS. That was a extensive path, because the decision making process in the Japanese culture is very careful."


Why did Fuji Logistics chose for WICS? "One of the biggest advantages is that the WMS is modular. When you do not need a certain module, you do not have to purchase it. There are many suppliers that offer a full package solution and that we did not want that. That is in line with how the software is built and how the processes are built. You are able to determine which process you want, which one you want to extend etc. We want to digitalize and work with as less paper as possible. At the moment, we are working with paper for a few processes. That combination is possible as well", the General Manager says.

The implementation

The implementation was completed three months ago. That is not the fastest implementation WICS had. The General Manager says about this subject: "Two colleagues and I were educated by Fred van den Boogaard and we take care of the instructions on the workplace. That was an excellent training course. However, change management is one of the hardest parts of the implementation. The most books are written about raising children and change management."

WICS consultant Fred van den Boogaard, responsible for many implementations, agrees: "In every implementation, there are a few pitfalls, where changing the mindset is one of the hardest. Everyone is aware of the need to change and that brings the collaboration. But that has to be 'in another department, not mine', is what people say. The secret is to let people accept the change of processes as if it is their own idea."

The General Manager of Fuji Logistics is frustrated by the fact that people often stand firm against changes. "I want to go as fast as possible, but you notice how hard it is if you do not have the needed support from colleagues. The base of support is essential in businesses. That is why we chose for a more widely spread implementation. So that was a deliberated choice."

WICS as organization

We asked what the characteristics of WICS where. He tells us: "You are a small player on the market, with big ambitions and with large customers. If WICS is on a exhibition, you have a relatively modest stand. Your competitors have a stand 10 times as big. These companies need to keep a lot of people working, where WICS lets their customers work for themselves, like building new interfaces (connecting multiple systems). In the beginning that was quite hard, because I did not have time for that. In that case, I asked for the help of a consultant. He learned me how it worked and that saves a lot of money. Fred and his colleagues always think along with us, but we do a lot on our own. Besides that, I visited the WICS headquarters a few times and I saw a nice, close corporation and a professional team."

How does Fuji Logistics work with WICS?

Fuji Logistics has multiple clients, at national and international level, with many Japanese companies. These clients are very critical and demanding. "We need to be able to report fast and accurate, internal and extern, we need to measure traceability, track orders and measure responsibilities. That was not possible in the past. With logs we are now able to analyze the bottlenecks and get rid of them. That is very important for the day-to-day operation. We are able to measure KPI's, by setting up our own reports with the Report Module. Besides that, we are fiscal representation for an amount of customers. With WICS we are able to send a monthly report to the customs", says the General Manager.

"Cycle counts lead to continuous inventory counting. Also, the Shift F7 function is very easy, where you are able to export a table to excel immediately. Furthermore, with WICS we are able to work with temporary employees, there are multiple languages available. The developers are being managed directly by the consultant, so that adjustments and customized solutions are realized very fast. This is all transparent in the online helpdesk, where WICS gives insights in the state of your call."

Results and objectives

The order picking process is now real-time and much faster than before. The Customer Service department does not need to print any labels, because the scanners take care of it. WICS applies the measurements automatically, what we needed to find out ourselves before. Reports are a lot easier to create. Fuji Logistics has made their first steps and wants to grow, with e-Fulfilment, more automation and reduce mistakes with scanning.

About the objectives of Fuji Logistics for the future: "New, potential clients ask if we are able to realize fulfilment for their webshop. At the moment we are experimenting with multiple standard picking techniques, like batch or wave picking. The ABC-analysis could hardly be done in the previous WMS. Nowadays, the slow and fast movers are classifiable due to WICS. With the new fulfilment activities we will make a lot of changes and together with Fred van den Boogaard, we are reviewing several adjustments."

Fred van den Boogaard indicates: "The relations and the network of Fuji are present and the these clients are moving fast. The wholesale channel is losing their added value, which leads to questions from clients. Even more important is that Fuji will handle proactively, advice their clients and takes them to a new method of supplying and approaching clients, in this case the customers. Logistics used to be about moving pallets, but the market has changed. And we are moving along."

We thank Fuji Logistics for his cooperation to this case study.

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