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Webshops & cut-off times: what are the customer demands?

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In our first blog we already talked about Bol.com and Coolblue. They have a respectively a cut-off time of 11:00 PM and 11:59 PM. Cut-off time means the time where a placed order is processed on the same day. This is the same as next day shipping. Is this what the customer demands? Is this the priority of the consumer? You will read it in this second blog about online shopping behavior. 


In the previous article we already mentioned the partner program CATeLOG in which WICS Logistics is involved. This is a collaboration between several big parties, researching logistic innovations. The customer demands regarding cut-off times is investigated as well. Only a small part (6%) of the Dutch online shoppers ask for a cut-off time of 22:30 or later. When your webshop is already offering next day shipping,  the focus should not be a later cut-off time in our opinion. A cut-off time of 22:00 is recommended: this is what 15% of the customers demand. If, of course, this is realizable for your business. Throughout the years, we noticed that webshops are moving continuously to later 'closing times'. This is shown in the graph below.

 Order cutoff tijden

What do other countrys do?

A cut-off time of 22:00 is, however, only realizable for a few webshops. It requires a huge logistical challenge. We notice that The Netherlands is far beyond other countries concering cut-off times. This is shown in the graph below. In the UK and Germany, a cut-off time after 21:00 PM is exceptional. The most common cut-off time is 2:00 PM. But then why do we except a cut-off time of 22:00 in The Netherlands? Is it a self-fulfilling prophecy? Perhaps because of the leading webshops Bol.com and Coolblue having a later cut-off time, customers demand a late cut-off time - from other webshops as well. In other countries the demand of being able to order as late as possible, is much lower. Nevertheless, for smaller webshops there are plenty of opportunities besides the cut-off time. This is not the biggest demand of the online shopper in The Netherlands.Order cutoff tijden internationaal

What are the biggest customer demands?

In the first place, the customer wants convenience. The customer does not want to stay home from a whole part of the day to wait for his package. Imagine the following situation: a consumer wants to order something on Monday and will only be home on Wednesday morning between 9:00 PM and 11:00 PM. At this point, he cannot use next-day shopping or even same-day delivery. He wants his package to be delivered in the period he is at home. And when he is not home due to unforeseen circumstances, the consumer wants to pick up the package at a pickup point. To fulfill this demand, a proper integration with shippers is essential. For example, WICS Logistics works with Paazl. Paazl integrates the shipping module within the WICS Warehouse Management System. Webshops are able to choose between multiple shippers. With this collaboration, the consumer has more convenience to chose his delivery dates and times. 

Besides that, regarding the scientific research, the Dutch consumer wants low shipping costs above all. This combination of two demands can also offer an advantage for your webshop, which you can read in the blog of next week. The several options of delivery will be discussed.

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