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 0183 507020 |   info@wics.nl | Helpdesk


Since 1990, WICS has built a leading position as a producer of a Warehouse Management System.

WICS, your partner for innovative logistics software

Since 1990, WICS develops and implements innovative logistics software and applies its software solutions successfully. Over the past years WICS is making rapid progress by connecting multi sources in the supply chain, in all kind of industries. We are constantly working to optimize and adapt so that our customers can continue to follow the latest developments.

We focus on logistics solutions for the retail (Multichannel and Omnichannel), trading, manufacturing and third party logistics (3PL).

In The Netherlands, WICS is market leader in E-commerce solutions, with their e-Fulfilment software as a part of the Warehouse Management System.

All WICS employees have extensive experience in logistics and are highly motivated to deploy their knowledge and experience to optimize the processes in your company.

Do you want to know more about our solutions? Do not hesitate to contact us.

WICS WMS in practice (subtitles available)


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  • Verhoek Europe
  • De Jong Verpakking
  • Deleukstetaartenshop
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What clients say about WICS

  • Jan Meuleman, Logistics Manager at Verhoek Europe:

    “The WMS ensures our handling speed and the accuracy of delivery. With the WICS Warehouse Management System we can control our processes as well."
  • Michiel van de Plassche, CEO / Founder of CustomConcepts:

    “The hands-on mentality of the WICS employees, the flexibility and the rapid integration were for us the crucial reasons to choose for WICS."
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About WICS

WICS is a leading Dutch software organisation, offering a complete solution for the automation of logistics processes.


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